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Jackie Bluzer

Author & Illustrator

There are many books aimed at the prevention of sexual abuse; few story books are geared for children that deal with the profound emotional aftermath. This book is unique because it offers the use of engaging animal protagonists, which allows the child to work through painful emotions in a less threatening and more effective manner. 

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Food Frenzy​

My Fight Against

Diet Culture

Food Frenzy: My Fight Against Diet Culture is a brutally honest account of Jackie's recovery from Binge Eating Disorder (BED) expressed in graphics and text.  The book journals her experience from pre-adolescence through adult and proposes realistic suggestions to overcome binge eating. 

Soon to be published.

Beutiful Magazine is "dedicated to showing true, raw, unedited beauty in its most natural forms, and they love to do this by connecting with their community.  

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