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    These few short paragraphs have been the most difficult part of creating my website. Why do I have a website? My goal is to have most of my income derive from writing and illustrating by the time I’m 65, which puts me on the 5-year plan. That is part of the why; the other is to eradicate the word “diet” from folk’s vocabulary and replace it with healthful eating, or redistribution of consumption. Kind of wordy but you get the idea.

   I am jealous of “normal eaters” for the intrinsic knowledge which eating disordered people do not possess. They don’t overthink the way we do, or at  least  I do, about when and what  to eat. “Normal eaters” can compensate without calculation what  they will eat, and even if they stuff themselves, they can regulate with some degree of acuity.

   The relationship with food is very different from that of a marriage, friendship or family member; you can remove them from your life. It might not be easy, and in the case of divorce could be costly. But its doable. Food is a very different kind of relationship because you can’t escape it.

   My food codependence began when I was pre-adolescent. My book, The Last Bite Before Monday, and this website are about my road, path, quest, over the last 55 years. I will end The About by tooting my accomplishments which are the end to binge eating for over 20 years and the loss of 80 lbs. which I have staved off for the same.

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